Accommodation and hospitality

Accommodation and hospitality

Frequently asked questions on accommodation and hospitality.

1. Room and living area. What do I need to know?

  • The highest standards of hygiene are maintained when cleaning rooms for guests.
  • Special attention is paid to handles, touchscreens and light switches.
  • Rooms are also thoroughly ventilated.
  • If the room has been used by a person diagnosed with COVID-19, it will be thoroughly disinfected.

2. Is it possible for large groups from several households to rent accommodation together?

  • There is no upper limit on groups of guests staying in tourist accommodation establishments.
  • The permitted number of guests is defined by the number of beds available at the respective accommodation.
  • Groups of guests can also consist of people from different households.

3. Is childcare available at the accommodation?

  • Childcare is generally possible and is offered in many places.
  • In some establishments, children must be registered in advance.
  • Please speak to a member of staff at your accommodation.

4. Are hotel pools and saunas open?

  • Swimming pools, saunas and spa centres are generally open.
  • For details please speak to a member of staff at your accommodation.

Information on safety measures and rules in spas and swimming pools can be found on this website in the section Being active.

5. Cancellations. Can I cancel my holiday if there is a travel warning?

  • Package holidays. If there is a travel warning you can cancel free of charge shortly before the start of the holiday.
  • Individual holidays. There is no explicit legal right of withdrawal for individual travel. The question of whether or not you can cancel a stay you have already booked in the event of a travel warning depends, according to the legal opinion of the Professional Association of the Hotel Industry, on to what extent a cancellation can be considered reasonable under the circumstances.
  • Generally, it should be said that most hotels and other accommodation providers are very flexible at the present time when it comes to cancellation conditions and offer guests free cancellation.

6. Are there travel insurance companies which offer additional COVID-19 cover?

"Hotel Cancellation Plus" by Europäische Reiseversicherung

  • The insurance policy Hotel Cancellation Plus offered by the Europäische Reiseversicherung travel insurance company includes comprehensive COVID-19 coverage despite the current situation.
  • In addition to cancellation insurance, policyholders also receive assistance and support for up to 31 days – for example, if they have to terminate their holiday earlier than planned, stay for longer than planned, or be rescued in the mountains.
  • Information on the cover offered by this insurance policy can be found on this page.

ADAC Plus membership

  • This covers additional costs resulting from accommodation and the journey home if a travel ban comes into force which means a person must go into quarantine.
  • COVID-19 testing costs will also be covered if this makes it possible for the person to travel home.
  • Please be aware that the coverage does not apply if there was already a travel warning for the affected country or specific location prior to departure.
  • Coverage is limited to a maximum of €500 per person per claim.
  • IFor more information on the cover offered by ADAC Plus membership please visit this page (in German only).

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