In advance

In advance

Which travel restrictions are in place? Can I cancel my trip in an emergency? What general rules need to be observed? We try to answer questions like these in compact form here.

1. How will this winter season work in Tirol?

  • Hotels, tourism associations and travel agencies can provide information on availability of accommodation.
  • Singles, couples, families and groups are welcome.
  • It is possible to go on a skiing holiday with friends and rent accommodation together.
  • However, the hygiene and safety measures must be observed. These include social distancing from other groups of guests, no shaking hands or hugging, and wearing a face mask where required.

2. How many Covid-19 cases are there currently in Tirol?

The current figures on Covid-19 infections in Tirol can be found on this page.

3. When do I have to wear a face mask?

A face mask covering the nose and mouth has become an everyday item.

  • Going shopping.
  • Using services (e.g.: hairdresser, beauty salon, etc.).
  • Travelling on public transport (train, bus, taxi, boat, etc.).
  • Public transport includes gondolas, cable cars and chairlifts as well as queuing areas where crowds of people gather.
  • At events in enclosed areas.
  • At leisure facilities and museums.
  • In pharmacies and being in places where health and care services are provided (e.g. hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, etc.).
  • In buildings operated by local authorities.
  • In places covered by the Austrian Swimming Pool Hygiene Act (except wet areas).
  • At trade fairs and markets, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Children under 6 years of age do not need to wear a face mask.

4. Which rules on social distancing must be observed?

  • It has become common in Austria to use the image of a “baby elephant” to visualise the safe distance which must be kept between people. The following rules on social distancing currently apply:
  • In public places you must maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre to other people.

5. What has been done to reduce contact between people?

Be it in the ski hire shop, at the ski school, at the ticket desk or in the hotel – ski resorts are places where many people come together at the same time. Especially this winter, we can all do our bit to help reduce the amount of contact between people.

  • Purchase online, for example your lift pass.
  • Book your ski rental equipment in advance.
  • Book ski courses or ski guides online in advance.
  • Check-in online with your accommodation provider.
  • In many places in Tirol it is even possible to book a place in a hut via smartphone. You can find more detailed information on the websites of the respective regions and ski areas.

6. Are members of staff in the tourism industry tested on a regular basis?

In order to ensure visitors staying in Austria feel safe and comfortable, the national government introduced a system in July 2020 which makes it possible for members of staff working in the tourism industry to be tested free of charge for Covid-19. This system will now be extended.

7. Are there any travel warnings currently in place for Tirol?

The current travel warnings can be found here.

8. Can a planned holiday be cancelled in case of a travel warning?

  • In the case of a package holiday, you can cancel free of charge in the event of a travel warning if the start of the holiday is imminent.
  • There is no express legal right of withdrawal for holidays booked privately.  Whether or not you can cancel the holiday in the event of a travel warning depends, according to the Austrian Associations of Hotels, on to what extent the traveller can reasonably be expected to undertake the journey.
  • Generally speaking, most companies are currently very accommodating when it comes to cancellations and offer the option of free cancellation.

9. Travel insurance with additional Covid-19 coverage

The Hotelstorno Plus insurance by the Europäische Reiseversicherung offers despite the still existing pandemic status insurance coverage in case of Covid-19 illness, automatically and without extra costs. Benefit from extra help and support for stays of up to 31 days – for example, if you have to cut your trip short, if you have to stay longer than planned and in the event of an emergency on the mountain. Take it out now.

Coverage for ÖAMTC members

If, during your stay in Austria, you are unable to leave the resort or the journey home cannot be started as planned due to an official quarantine order, the ‘ÖAMTC Schutzbrief’ insurance offered by the Austrian Automobile Club covers the cost of extra overnight accommodation for the insurance holder and the people travelling with him/her from 1 June 2020 to 30 April 2021. More information.

ADAC Plus Membership

The German Automobile Club (ADAC) offers insurance which covers the cost of additional overnight stays and return travel resulting from an official quarantine order. In addition, the Covid-19 test costs will be covered if this makes it possible to travel home. This offer does not apply if there was a travel warning for the affected country or specific location before departure. A maximum of €500 per person per claim will be covered.