In restaurants

In restaurants

Important! There are currently restrictions in place in Austria on entering the country, leaving your home and meeting with other people. Hospitality locations, accommodation providers and leisure facilities are scheduled to re-open with certain restrictions in place from 19 May 2021.

1. Which rules apply in restaurants, mountain huts, bars and cafés?

  • When entering the building guests must take a test, provide proof of a negative test, show a vaccination certificate or be in possession of a document proving that they have already had Covid-19.
  • All guests must register when they enter (name and contact details).
  • Guests must wear an FFP2 mask whenever they are not at their allocated seat.
  • Maximum group size: indoors 4 adults (and their children), outdoors 10 adults.
  • A minimum distance of 2 metres must be maintained between tables where people from different groups are seated.
  • In indoor areas all food and drink must be consumed while seated.
  • Food and drink may not be consumed at the bar.
  • Buffets are permitted as long as the relevant safety rules are respected.
  • Members of staff with customer-facing roles who are regularly tested by their employer can wear a normal face mask instead of an FFP2 face mask.
  • Huts, bars, cafés, etc. must close at 22:00.

2. Are bars, clubs and nightclubs open?

The nighttime industry will remain closed for the time being. These locations will be permitted to re-open when the Covid-19 situation means it is safe to do so.